Do you want your work to mean more than just “doing it for the money”?

Do you want to integrate your work with your home, your self and your communities?

With the power of independent publisher, anyone has the ability to nurture and serve a community and derive more meaning from their work.

Blogstarta offer the complete tools and infrastructure for you to become an independent publisher.


The swim coach.

Before Blogstarta:

He was teaching children how to swim. That was his product. He would sell it like one would sell any product: he would get in touch with people, try hard to do “sales” (something he really didn’t like), get the word out through his friends and family. It worked and he was “selling” his swim lessons.

He was happy serving the customers, delivering value by teaching his students a set of skills that will be with them for the rest of their lives. He derived contentment from that fact.

He was working really hard: teaching and then selling his courses kept him busy for most of the day.


After Blogstarta:

He realized that he can reach a larger audience through the power of Independent Publishing. With his blog, he can write about swim lessons, deliver value to a much larger audience and at the same time, develop the trust and authority that a swim instructor needs!

He already had pictures and videos of his swim lessons, but putting them online and documenting his work and then sharing it, he realized quickly that people were responding in a different way. People who had gone through his “content” never “haggled” for discounts, they were more trusting of his abilities and they saw him as an authority in swim coaching. Why? Because the content he created showed that to them.

He realized that he is really a “content creation agency” that happens to sell swim lessons. People would consume his content, join his email list, and via his emails that delivered valuable content for people interested in learning swimming, the people respected his authority and trusted his judgement.

And importantly, he derived more pleasure from helping a larger number of people with his expertise. And because his “community size” increased dramatically over time (thanks to the power of the Internet), he had more clients showing up at his pool.

He is now writing an eBook to give for free to his clients, and sell to his community. A community that trusts him, respects him, and he gives them what they want to buy.

A swim coach increased his contentment with his work, his influence, his impact (and his profits) when he became an independent publisher.

Can your work benefit from being an independent publisher?



I believe that Blogstarta offers all the infrastructure any independent publisher needs. Right now, Blogstarta is in beta, and is invite only.

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Thank you and I look forward to helping you derive more meaning from you work, God willing.