If you are into blogging to make money, you do not need to read the rest of the post, as the following 6-worded sentence will suffice:

You will not make any money.

Now, if you are into money making, and then decide that you are going to ‘use’ a blog to make money, then read on.

Blogging for fame or for money?

So you want to start a blog to make money. You sure? Maybe, you want to be famous as you happen to (wrongly) associate being famous with earning money. As luck would have it, being famous is not easy, and to top it all, making money has NOTHING to do with being famous.

But it is easy to confuse ‘being famous’ and ‘making money’. After all, the holy grail of blogging is traffic. The more people that come to your website, all the more chances that they will either click on an ad (if you have Google Adsense, for example) or they would buy a product you are promoting (via Amazon Affiliates or Clickbank etc). Right? Well, no.

I know, you keep hearing it all the time, but you are not being told the full story. You do not need a lot of traffic to generate money, but you need a lot of ‘qualified’ traffic to generate money. Getting a lot of traffic to your blog will not make you money. Case in point, the fake Steve Job’s blog. The blogger got about half-a-million visitors to his website in a single day, thanks to a mention in a famous newspaper. Half a million people in one day and the blogger earned a whopping, grand total of 1100 dollars in that month. Planning to earn 1100 dollars while being able to bring in a million or so people to your blog is not a good plan to have. So what gives?

Solve a problem, stupid

Why do you buy? Or why do you search something on Google? You have a problem and you need to find a solution, that’s why. As they say, you do not walk into a hardware store to buy a four-bit drill, you walk in to buy a four-inch hole. You buy ‘anything’ to sort out your ‘problem’. If your blog is solving a ‘problem’ for people, then you can do with a 1000 or so people coming to your blog in a month, and still make decent money.

But I thought blogging is a fun way to make money?

Yes, I thought too. I was wrong. And so are you.

What is fun anyways? I enjoy blogging. But this blog here, Blogstarta, is not here to earn money. I have other blogs that are set up to earn me money. Their ‘dynamics’ are different. They are niche sites dedicated to solving problems. I mean, I also sell blog hosting and online infrastructure, and that can be a pain for most people to manage, so I present my service as a solution to their problem.