John Reese, as far I know, is not a blogger. But he is definitely one of the ‘main men’ in the make money online niche. Heck, he is the one who set the world’s first on earning I don’t know, million dollars worth of sales in 24 hours when he launched his product. He, as he calls it, lives the American Dream, owns the big house, has the 5 cars and what have you.

In his recent email, the guy has ‘given it all away’, gone minimalist and gone off to travel the world. OK, I want you to take this all in for a moment now, the guy has sold his cars, his rolex collection and ‘all that’ and his total possessions can now be fit in a bag. A rucksack type bag.

He still has his businesses so it is not that he has gone crazy, but what he has done here, is that he has gone a bit higher.

Most of us look for benchmarks, ideals, heroes to ‘look up to’ and to perhaps ‘live in their shoes’. I wonder what inspired Mr Reese to make this jump, but I do hope that all goes well for him.

The reason I write this, on Blogstarta, is blogging is a lot like ‘jumping into the unknown’. How many of us can actually sell away all their personal possessions? That’s a big jump right? So how many can commit to writing a blog that has purpose? The thing that joins you with people like Reese is that you decide to ‘jump’.

Happy jumpin’