Some people like to really get involved in their work, get to know what they are working on, really understand it and then tweak the product or service they are selling. They are real businessmen who make large amounts of money in what they do. They enjoy getting ‘into the business’, running and knowing every aspect of their operation. I am not one of those people.

I like distance. I don’t like the idea that my work owns me. As far as I am concerned, a business is not ‘complete’ if it can not function without me. I should be redundant, easily replaceable. I should not be running the damn show, just owning it.

Online marketing and blogging has been one such field of interest that has eluded me since like ever. By God’s Grace, I have more than one income streams so the ‘desperation’ is not there. But I do detect a ‘Will’ there somewhere, and as you all know that “where there’s a will, there’s a smith.”

Please note, the whole industry of internet marketing is based on the notion of a loner working from the basement of his house, making millions. It is this ‘doing it myself’ bit that has caused me much frustration. So I need to perhaps separate myself from the online business world, and then see the results. Treat it like I treat all the other enterprises. And then see the results. Instead of writing every post myself, hire someone to do it. Instead of putting up WordPress blogs every other day, get someone to do it. Monitor the results. But let someone else do it. Get out of the way.

The only thing is that this ‘getting out of the way’ costs money. And given the casual nature of your avergae ‘Internet Marketer’, setting aside a sizable chunk of cash just so you get to do less, is not very high on the agenda. That perhaps has to change. I know how the system works. I have been at it for the past two months or so. The results, I admit, are not anywhere near ‘good’. Consider my Clickbank weekly sales snapshot:

But the last few weeks have me convinced even further i.e. “there is more where that came from”.

And I feel that I am doing it wrong. Not because there is a set way of doing this. But because this is not how I work. I like to stress here that you may work differently, maybe you are one of those involved persons I was talking about earlier. But that is just not the point. The point is that to make a system out of this, I need to:

  1. Identify a set of activities that will achieve the desired result
  2. Divide the activities in logical categories
  3. Divide each category to one, two, or as many persons it takes, to do all activities.

The above 3 point system is perhaps the most condensed form of ‘The E-Myth’ or the ‘business as a system’ approach towards making money.

This division and then the delegation of work will give me the distance that I suspect makes the business work. As humbling as it sounds, it seems to be ‘me’ that hinders progress for the business. And that should make sense. I can only do so much in a day, and I am accountable to no person so if I skip a few tasks for a few weeks, no biggie. This of course is death to the business, which is I suspect, not good generally. 🙂

So here is what I will be working on God willing:

  1. I need to set aside a set amount of cash to do all ‘online business’. This will give me my ‘financial constraint’ and put pretty much everything in perspective.
  2. I need to set up a system to get the cash earned online to be funneled back into the system. Living in Pakistan, that can be a problem sometimes. So I need to have a bank account where I can receive cash. The only thing that is deterrent to people in Pakistan is this very fact. For example, there is no PayPal here. Also, you need at least USD 2,000 to open up a Dollar account. Not cool. So this system needs to be worked upon.
  3. I need a set of activities that, when performed, will give me a working, doable system online. These set of activities would include coming up with a niche to get into online, then develop the relevant content etc, and then promote the website(s) to get traffic, and hopefully generate some sales.
  4. I need to first find, then keep, good people who deliver what I ‘expect’ them to deliver. Easier said than done. Way, way easier said than done.
  5. Dish out the work on a weekly basis, monitor results, pay and get paid. Simple.

And then one day, God willing, I will post my Clickbank Sales Snapshot and you will probably go, “this guy is now photoshopping this, this can’t be real!”


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Talk soon. God bless. And good luck.