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Social Media does not make you money

There, I said it.

Haunting Facebook and announcing your breakfast on Twitter will not make you money. You keep telling yourself that ‘this will work’ and keep at it. You, my friend, may be climbing the wrong tree.

I can go into discussions on productivity and priorities and what have you, but let us look at something a lot, lot simpler; just consider what the famous internet marketers and bloggers are doing with social media. Pick any ‘famous money maker online’ and see his or her twitter feed. How often do you reckon they tweet? What about their interactions on Facebook? LinkedIn? Take you pick.

So what is amiss? Social Media is supposed to be the ‘next big thing’ that will make you lots of money, so what gives?

Social media is a ‘medium’, just like your blog is. Think about it for a minute now. A newspaper is a medium, television is a medium, your cell phone is a medium. Just by reading the paper won’t take you ANYWHERE when it comes to making money. It is how you use the ‘medium’ to SELL something. That ‘something’ can be someone else’s product or your own, but all ‘money makers’ are sellers, salespersons who have figured it out, either by design or accident.

You use Facebook for its remarkable ad platform, you use Twitter to perhaps syndicate your content. Social Media has its place of course, and a LOT OF MONEY can and is being made using it. But it is not by being a ‘consumer’. Consumers spend so everyone else involved can make money. Where are you with your Social Media efforts, that is what we need to look at.

What’s with John Reese

John Reese, as far I know, is not a blogger. But he is definitely one of the ‘main men’ in the make money online niche. Heck, he is the one who set the world’s first on earning I don’t know, million dollars worth of sales in 24 hours when he launched his product. He, as he calls it, lives the American Dream, owns the big house, has the 5 cars and what have you.

In his recent email, the guy has ‘given it all away’, gone minimalist and gone off to travel the world. OK, I want you to take this all in for a moment now, the guy has sold his cars, his rolex collection and ‘all that’ and his total possessions can now be fit in a bag. A rucksack type bag.

He still has his businesses so it is not that he has gone crazy, but what he has done here, is that he has gone a bit higher.

Most of us look for benchmarks, ideals, heroes to ‘look up to’ and to perhaps ‘live in their shoes’. I wonder what inspired Mr Reese to make this jump, but I do hope that all goes well for him.

The reason I write this, on Blogstarta, is blogging is a lot like ‘jumping into the unknown’. How many of us can actually sell away all their personal possessions? That’s a big jump right? So how many can commit to writing a blog that has purpose? The thing that joins you with people like Reese is that you decide to ‘jump’.

Happy jumpin’