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3 types of blogs, which one fits you?

In my last post, I tried to categorize blogging into two generic categories. To be more specific, I tried to categorize two ways to make money using blogs.

That lead me to further think and try to come up with something that is more useful, something that we as bloggers can use to identify our blogs.

Why identify our blogs? Well, so you can work on them with respect to their type. This will lead to greater focus, less of the useless stuff and will help you win the Grand Prix (well, OK, not the GP but it will sure as heck sharpen your skills at pruning the useless activities).

Now, onto the three types of blogs:

  1. Money Making Blogs
  2. A Blog For Your Business
  3. A Blog As Your Business

Let’s see how each of these are different, and more importantly, what ‘high productivity’ activity can you do in each. Continue reading