Life is hard.

It never lets you know what you’re gonna get.

But there you are, alive and hopefully kicking. You have to live it, this life. Might as well get used to it. So you try. You fail. Your try harder. Fail harder. And then you succeed. Only to fail a couple of times more. The successes are the punctuation of life. The don’t come often, but come they must, to make sense of it all. And they do. If you keep at it.

I am guilty of philosophizing life. Get over it, so are you. Everything has meaning, only if you have the right dictionary.

You need to get a life to live one. Streamline it. Compartmentalize and categorize it. Tag it even.

Everyone should have a blog. Open to all. Not to write the most personal of thoughts, no. But to write to open channels of communications. To read, to see, to learn. Hopefully.

Writing is therapeutic, they say. They are sometimes right.