Your market is on the Internet. How do you access them?

Instead of “trying to sell”, what if you can build trust and authority in your field and build relationships? What if instead of you lining up outside client’s office, your clients thank you for selling them your product?

And at negligible costs, you create a relationship with your target audience. You build your community by using the right platform; the platform that is designed to be your community center.

You are a digital media producer. You are a knowledge worker. You (or your business) create solutions.

 You become the independent publisher.

What is Blogstarta? It is a platform and a community that provides you everything you need to become a successful independent publisher. Everything you need, period.

With the training and support modules, you can sell your own products online, build and serve a community around your ideas and services and do the kind of work that you enjoy.

Create Content that Matters

You want to create content that engages, educates, entertains, empowers your audience. Technology shouldn’t get in the way.

With intuitive ways to add content to your site, if you can use a word processor, you can now add, edit and update text, audio and video files on the fly!

The content you create is easily sharable across all social media outposts, like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn.

You can record and upload your next podcast, your next video-log or your next article, publish it, and then easily share that media on all media platforms without any worry of the content breaking.

You content, when you create it with Blogstarta, can be seen on any device. HTML5 and mobile-ready displays allow you to really focus on the content, and leave the displaying to Blogstarta.

Integrate forms and collect information. Add surveys and gather intelligence about your audience. All this is possible with Blogstarta.

And of course, you have the 24×7 support if you run into any jam along the way.

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Build Your Own Community, Your Own Platform!

The most powerful aspect of Blogstarta is that is geared for you if you want to build a community around your idea, service, product and/or brand.

With training, guides and workshops centered around strategies to build powerful, influential, profitable communities that are exclusive to Blogstarta members, you start with a head start.

And the technology aspect of building an email list? We got you covered! With integrations with market leaders Aweber and MailChimp, you can start building your email list, your community, your platform in the next 5 minutes!

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No IT guy required

You can manage your complete online presence – may it be 5 webpages or 5,000 – if you know how to write a document in a word processor.

Do you think you need to be a IT nerd to “run your own website”? With the time-tested technology available today, those times have long gone, and once you will be using Blogstarta to manage your website, you will see how easy it is.

How about embedding videos from YouTube? We can get you going in no time!

What about adding a sign up form for your email list? No problem with Blogstarta!

Our guides and live assistance and workshops (specifically designed and free for Blogstarta members) are there to help you master any problem you might have.

And if you have any question, we have 24/7 support for all members, so you don’t require an IT guy when it comes to Blogstarta.

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In the next minute or two, you will be writing your about page on your own online platform. Cool, no? No credit card required to sign up. Known side effects: makes you awesome.