I ordered this mic through Amazon after researching the best mic to use for podcasting under a certain price range. I searched through Amazon, read the reviews at Amazon and gave this mic a shot.


What I was looking for in a mic?

  • Should connect to the computer without any additional adapters/jacks (essentially a USB mic)
  • Should be ‘easy to use’ without confusing me with ‘settings’ (some mic, I am told, actually have settings, WTH? It’s a mic, it records sound, simple, no? Evidently, no 🙂 ).
  • Should work right out of the box – no need to get software just for using the mic – a true plug-and-play.
  • Should be handy to carry around in my laptop bag (Didn’t want any ‘is that a mic in your bag or you’re just happy to see me’ sorta comments, you know how it is)
  • Should be easy on the pocket. I wanted a mic that could pass off as ‘semi pro’ and preliminary research told me 100 dollars (US) would be a good enough budget. It was.

So, to answer the question that you are probably already-dead to know:

Should I buy Samson Go Mic?


Click here to order the Samson Go Mic from Amazon

Now, the anti-summary:

The correct answer to ‘Should I buy the Samson Go Mic?‘ is, “it depends”. If you think you want to podcast or record some riffs and have not-so-deep-yet-not-so-shallow pockets (pockets are not shallow, are they?) then buy the Samson Go Mic right away.

If you are know too much about audio and acoustics and omni this and that, then you already know more than me. Stop reading this. This review is for people like me, who want a good piece of equipment to record all sorts of sounds on to their computer without being an audio geek. Something that works right out of the box. Which brings me back to the Samson Go Mic; it works right out of the box. I read enough reviews that warned me to not even bother with installing the software that comes with the mic, and I didn’t and Windows XP SP3 picked it up easily. It worked easily and quickly, both on my Laptop (Win Vista – akkhh) and PC (Win XP SP3). Does justice to the plug-and-play concept that this mic is supposed to be good at; it is a USB mic and that is one of the things I was looking for.

Samson Go Mic test

This is the actual ‘hands on’ review part. I did not find any review of the Samson Go Mic that would show me how the mic performs under ‘normal’ circumstances. So I tested it, just for you folks, so you can hear how the mic performs out in the open.

Right now, the podcasting plugin that I am using is really playing the Jerry on Tom so you’d have to – if you want to listen to the MP3 – click on the following link: samson-go-mic-soundcheck, which should open up in your browser. Note: the sound may be a bit low on this, but that is my fault, not the mic’s; just turn the volume up a bit if you are having trouble hearing it.

Where to buy the Samson Go Mic?

You can buy it from Amazon and have it shipped. I ordered it sitting here in Pakistan, but I had it delivered to an address in the UK (a friend was coming over from the UK).

Here’s hoping that you enjoy using it as much as I do. Do let me know how it goes.

Click here to order the Samson Go Mic from Amazon