Bill McIntoshTo be honest, I have never heard of this guy before. Seriously, I haven’t.

Mr Bill McIntosh can be the real deal, or a scam. How would I know, right? Well, there are ways of ‘checking up’ on a person, and I am slowly but surely doing them right now.

So far, so good. The guy does seem to be around for a while, which is a good thing. He has his own blog and everything (but that’s not THAT big a deal nowadays with some of the internet marketing guys).

So, I am still trying to get hold of Bill McIntosh to get the inside scoop on his product Contest Burner.

Note: I want Blogstarta to be an AUTHENTIC place, so I will not endorse or vouch for some guy without MAKING SURE that the guy checks out. And I will also not recommend a product without it passing the BLOGSTARTA’s rules of product endorsement. I know, this sounds very ‘serious’ and all, but some things just need to be said up front. God bless and good luck!