contest burnerContest Burner is this new software that I just heard about.

The initial idea seems simply enough to actually work like a charm.

Contests Gets Traffic

It is proven again and again that contests really get results. For example, instead of advertising via Cost per click, you can launch a contest where anyone following your twitter account and getting at least three more followers will stand a chance to win an iPod. Or whatever. But the point remains, contest seem to generate a great amount of buzz, and the right kind of buzz too.

I personally have not tried any contest to promote much here at Blogstarta. I have always planned to though. Contest Burner gives me the perfect opportunity to try this software out. So, with this Contest Burner coming along, I am trying to get a sneak peak BEFORE it launches, so I can also have a contest of my own. You know, perhaps promote one of services or my free reports via a contest. Sounds interesting to me. If you have anything to sell, Contest Burner is possibly the thing for you, regardless of the size of your business (I mean, come on, I am not exactly a ‘big businessman’ online, not yet at least 😉 )

What is Contest Burner

Contest Burner is a software that will do all of this ‘contest management’ for you. It is produced by Bill McIntosh.

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