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Why a list?

The list serves two purposes actually.

  1. It will let you know whenever there is new content on the blog.
  2. This email list will also be used as a ‘two way’ communication channel between me and you. For us to discuss the ‘finer points’ about blogging and online marketing and entrepreneurship, I will be more inclined to interact with people who are already on the list than those who are not. Makes sense, I think. 🙂

Why should I join, you ask? Well…

Reason # 1: ‘Verified’ Information

This is a personal blog foremost, so I need to be sure that what I put out there, what I recommend that you as a blogger do, is verified by me to work! If I recommend a certain strategy, I do it with the best of intentions that the strategy will work and help you become a successful blogger.

Reason # 2: Blogging from an entrepreneur’s perspective

When you join, you can expect information on blogging from a ‘business building’ perspective as well. Many blogs, some of them of very high quality, dish out information but do not tell you how that tactic fits into the bigger picture. I will, God willing, be trying to give a simpler method that is easy to understand and follow, only after I have ‘normalized’ it. Make no mistake, I am no guru or know-it-all in the least, but I do love blogging and the ‘freedom’ it represents, and this ‘interest in blogging’ is what keeps me ‘in the loop’ whether I am making money off of it or not. It helps that I am an entrepreneur. 🙂

Reason # 3: The damn thing is free.

Yup, free. No funny stuff, no selling of your email (do they still do that by the way?) and no ‘expectations’ for you to buy the next product in line. Heck, the reason I have started this blog is because I did not get enough information on ‘how to blog’ and ‘how to take your blog to the next level’. I have been a silent learner for long enough, now I want to share what I learn, in hope that your questions/interactions will leave both of us the wiser. You know, that a-truly-wise-person-has-more-questions-than-answers kind’a thing.

Thank you for reading and see you on the other side! God bless and happy bloggin’