There are some myths that you have probably heard or will hear when you try to get your blog up and running. These are presented as irrefutable facts of doing business, of making money via blogs or “that’s how it is” type of statements. But they are either what I like to call ‘legacy truths’ or just plain misinformation. In my experience, these myths are:

The Design of a Website Should be AWESOME!

Here’s the justification: if it looks beautiful then it must represent a well thought-out blog/business.

I agree! Design of a blog should be awesome. But design is overrated and not prioritized properly. It is like saying, ‘it is better to live in a mansion than an apartment’. A mansion costs more, hello? And it is overkill. It does not justify its presence if all you need to do is house one person. Same is with design. If you are on a budget, design should NOT come before functionality. Design should come after more important elements of your blog such as, your customer contact center, or email marketing systems. These systems are way more BENEFICIAL to your blog than a GOOD LOOKING design.

Design is also very subjective. I may find one design to be out-of-this-world and you may find it to be average. Put another way, you typically find it hard to measure how good or how bad a design is.

And MOST importantly, there are tons and tons of design templates out there that you can choose from that seem to fit all design inclinations. And what are the costs? It certainly is NOT in thousands of dollars, heck, it is not even in hundreds. Many are actually FREE, or costs not more than 50 US dollars, paid once.

If you need quality, you need to pay for it

Quality comes at a price, we have always been told. But whose quality? Quality again is always treated subjectively. A website or blog is considered ‘high quality’ that ‘looks awesome’ or ‘looks very professional’. But that again is quality based on ‘eye candy’, a mostly-subjective exercise. A blog’s function is disregarded. We need to treat your blog as a medium, and the design as a function of the requirements. There is a reason Google is just one search bar with a search button next to it.

But most importantly, given today’s technology, what was once defined as ‘high quality’ is now a ‘standard’, and is readily available at almost throwaway prices. Examples of this are abundant; computer memory was once very expensive, now Gigabytes cost less than a dollar. A camera phone was once a novelty and was high priced, now it is ‘not something new’. A bigger change than this has already happened in web development but most web development agencies don’t want you to know that. Most of the software used to run your website is free. Yes, it is not cheap, it is completely free. In fact, it is a crime to pay for it!!! That is why many agencies charge high ‘set up fees’ and try to present that charge under the head of ‘software charges’.

A very good metric for your blog’s success is the traffic it generates. And a good benchmark for traffic that is of any use are your blog’s subscribers (either RSS subscribers or subscribers to your email list).

Email Marketing is cumbersome

A person would make numerous calls in a day to keep that all-too-important client relationship, but he would not use the free email. Why? Because managing an email list was considered cumbersome and you would need to ‘hire some specialist’ to handle your campaigns. What rubbish!

Email marketing for blogs is essential because it is so cost effective. Think about it for a minute now; you NEED to keep a solid relationship with your customer base, and most of them have email. Why not contact them using the best thing since sliced bread i.e. email?

And about ‘hiring some specialist’…

Services like Aweber make it a snap to manage and communicate with your email list. (Aweber does cost your 19 US dollars per month, which is way, way cheaper than ‘hiring a specialist’! I use Aweber and have no complains whatsoever). With Aweber, you can send emails, see how many of your clients opened them, if they clicked on any links within the email etc, to better tweak your email campaigns. There are tons of other things you can do that help you better manage your email campaigns like setting up great looking forms. All within your Aweber account. And all very ‘doable’. You don’t need a specialist to do it, because the interface is intuitive and easy to learn. Even if you do get stuck somewhere, you don’t need to pay someone to help you, just Google it. It is that easy. And it is that simple (if your business can afford to hire someone, you can use anyone who is comfortable with computers to actually manage your whole email marketing system – no need to hire someone ‘technical’).

There are many more myths that need busting, and Blogstartas around the world bust them everyday. 🙂
You can bust the busted myths themselves. This can get confusing here, so the bottom line is that you ‘take action and see what happens’. Go start some. Good luck in your conquests and queries…