Following is a highly-scrutinized list of plugins that I use on pretty much any blog that I set up. I have given the reasons as to why I use these plugins and some tips on how to effectively use them.

From time-to-time, this list grows 🙂

  1. All in One SEO
    Enough said.
  2. Wp Captcha Free
    (Download for FREE)
    Use it to fight spam, and win! Definitely an underrated plugin, but one of the most effective ones I have used. I really do not know exactly HOW it does what it does, and I don’t want to know (I love abstraction sometimes). One of my blogs used to get 35 to 40 “Please moderate…” requests a day, and when I finally installed this plugin, the daily spam count dropped to… ZERO! Now I install it on every blog that I install. Highly recommended.
  3. Easy Contact
    (Download for FREE)
    The simplest method to add a ‘contact’ page on to your blog. Some people recommend CForms, but they do that probably because they have not tried out Easy Contact. It is easy. Duh!
  4. Subscribe to Comments Reloaded
    (Download for FREE)
    Whenever someone leaves a comment on your blog, you always focus on the comment. That’s missing the point. Blogging is not ABOUT COMMENTS people, it is about INTERACTION! Remember that. To encourage interaction, instead of just one-off comments, always use this wonderful plugin that lets your commentators ‘subscribe’ to just the comments section. This way, any new comment that gets added to the post, the commentator gets notified. This is great for interaction and I recommend it. Highly.

Like I said earlier, these are the fundamentals. And I am picky. So yeah, the list CAN grow much longer, but it ends here. Hope you find them useful.

Update: The following plugin makes ‘social sharing’ very easy, and after implementing it on one of my blogs, I highly recommend it:

  1. ShareBar
    From your WP Admin, click on Add New Plugin, search for ShareBar. Install this plugin to have a floating share bar. It is quite effective, and also not intrusive.
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