4 running enterprises, two in the making, one in the pipeline. I am an entrepreneur, almost by habit.

I get to do whatever I want because I have all the time in the world. For example, the 4 hour work week by Tim Ferris did not teach me anything new. I have a lot of time on my hands, almost by default.

I buy nice things, but not expensive things, usually because they are expensive. Duuh! I am not rich, also almost by habit. But I make more than most, by God’s Grace.

And I am happy, by God’s Grace.

I do not believe there is a formula for success (normally, and somewhat crookedly defined as having making a lot of money). But I do believe that success, naah, in fact, the world belongs to the bold and not to the smart. I am too smart for my own good. Heh.

If there is a formula, I think that is ‘take action’. It is the simple act of ‘doing’ that can qualify as the ‘secret formula’, if that. I have read all the books you have probably heard about – all the good ones, top ones, bestsellers, packed with doable information and advice. Bull shit. They don’t work. You know why? Because they tell you to ‘do this’, and you want to read another one. Search for a magic pill, and when you find it, search for a better one, that is how most of us live our lives. It is pathetic I know.

All four enterprises that make money for me (sometimes in access of 100,000 US $ in a year!!) were all started because I said, ‘what the heck! why not!’ and just went ahead and did what I thought at the time was the right thing to do. Nothing more, and crucially, nothing less. They were incomplete enterprises at the time, and in many ways, are still incomplete. They definitely do not come close to the ‘business advice’ I dole out to my friends and the occasional client on ‘how to start this business and that business’, but these enterprises work. I think I have learnt and validated and re-validated an important lesson here; you gottat go at it. It is with this same frame of mind that I have started this blog here, for example.

This is a procastinator’s blog, make no mistake. I suffer the dreaded analysis-paralysis when it comes to online stuff(!!), including blogging and internet marketing. It is to ‘crush’ the overwhelming feeling of ‘this is not right, this won’t work’ that I have started writing here, just to see if this feeling is right or not!!

I also know that I tend to take this ‘online marketing and blogging’ field a bit too seriously. The idea of letting loose, that has worked oh-so-freakin-well in my other enterprises, doesn’t seem to get any headway when it comes to blogging. I hate that. An excellent post on Copyblogger helped me finally identify this ‘bottleneck’. So now I’m thinking, ‘what the heck!’. Again.

Find a Good Teacher

I have only recently seen first-hand the effects a good teacher can have your business/life. In one of my soon-to-be-enterprises (God willing), I heard of a person who was allegedly doing something remarkable that was thought to be impossible in the field. So I searched for him. And as with most things you search for long enough, I found him. I traveled hundreds of kilometers to meet him, and see him at his ‘workplace’ and asked him some questions that I had prepared while on the way. I know now for a fact that I am light years ahead in the game already, just because I met a ‘master’, and had a cup of tea with him! Now I know ‘exactly’ what to do and why I am doing it. (I can very easily be wrong, of course… but that only time will tell!)

I already have a few very good teachers in the field of blogging as well. I have learned from the best. I have studied the Membership Mastermind course from Yaro Starak, and am currently enrolled in J Shoemaker‘s Shoemoney System. These I believe are good teachers. And I can say from experience, finding good teachers is your ONLY job as a good student (just like finding the RIGHT employees is your ONLY job as a business owner, but more on that in a different post 🙂 )

Finding the right teacher is important. Heck, it is essential. How else will you learn? I mean, think about it for a minute here. You ‘have’ to learn, whether you learn consciously or not – no matter what, you will end up learning ‘something’. What does that mean? That there is a teacher somewhere in the mix, hellooo? Don’t you think that it is better to find your own teacher(s)?