You are coming here from, wondering how this is a Public Service Announcement from Blogstarta. Well, it had to happen.

I was watching Naomi Dunford and Dave Navarro in this informal video message (is there any other kind of video message?), and they were talking some serious sense. Things that I can relate to directly, and their frustration was my frustration at my friends and peers who talk the talk but are short of feet when it comes to walk the walk.

In that video (which you can – and must – see here), they talk about how readers of IttyBiz (Naomi’s blog) should really get to work and take their business seriously and not take it as a hobby or something, because it’s IttyBiz, not IttyHob. Well, now there is a IttyHob. Nah nah nah nah naah. Hopefully, people will come to IttyHob and get some sort of a ‘wake up’ call to take their livelihoods (or rather their own very lives) seriously enough. And then I’d become famous for putting up the website, and everyone will bow at my feet using which I will then walk the walk. Genius, man, genius. Wait, let me update my status with that.