free blog setup

Yes, you read that right. Free blog set up.

WTH? You keep reading that getting a blog set up is expensive and it costs you money to look professional. Well, times have changed. Fortunately.

You see, to get a professional blog, you would not ONLY need hosting and a domain name, you would need to set up your blog in such a way that it is, you know, professional. Some technical wizardry IS required (things like the right type of plugins etc), and that is where most budding bloggers/writers/straight-up-dudes face problems. And that is where yours truly comes in.

I know blogs, let’s make that clear. And I know how a great blog is different than ‘just a good one’. You get a ‘great blog’ that helps you do what you do best i.e. create remarkable content.

Here’s how it works

You sign up for hosting at HostGator. Don’t worry, in my 10 years of hosting experience, I know a good host when I see one. So, you sign up for hosting there (as little as like 5 bucks a month), and use the coupon code BLOGSTARTA. This will give you TWO things. It will give you a discount on your first month (almost US $10 discount) of you hosting account, and secondly, it will give you a free blog set up.

STEP 1: Buy hosting through HostGator, and use BLOGSTARTA as your coupon code while ordering

STEP 2: Get hosting for AT LEAST 6 months

STEP 3: Forward the emails you receive to us (email: support [at] blogstarta [dot] com)

STEP 4: Wait. 🙂 (We’d take three business days to juice up your blog)

If you are ready, sign up for hosting (Click Here Now to be taken to the HostGator website).

So that is it. With only one catch. You need to sign up for 6 months at least. Why? Well, read the WTFAQs below.

WTFAQs (Way-Too-Frequently-Asked-Questions)

Why do I need to sign up for at least 6 months?

I mean, come on, you probably would end up singing up for 12 months or even 21 months (with the hosting company, you save a lot of money if you sign up for longer). But yeah I get it, it is a condition, ‘…at least 6 months’ and it bugs me to even put it up here. But by signing up for AT LEAST 6 months, the commission I get justifies the service I give out to your for free. And this brings up the next question quite nicely…

How come this blog set up is free?

You buy the hosting through us. The hosting company gives us a commission for referring a customer to them. It is this commission that gives me the money to give this to you for free. A win/win kind’a thing. Think about it: you get a US $ .95 discount, AND free blog set up. Just head to HostGator, click on Shared Hosting, use BLOGSTARTA as your coupon code and buy hosting for AT LEAST 6 months.

What do I need to get this free blog set up?

You need to have a domain and a hosting account. You can get both at the hosting company, just click here to be taken to the website and whenever asked to put in a coupon code, make SURE to put in BLOGSTARTA to not only get the discount on your overall package, but to avail the free blog set up.

But I can get the hosting cheaper if I don’t get the free blog set up?

No. You pay the hosting company directly, and they will charge you the SAME AMOUNT whether you sign up through our link or not. BUT if you sign up through Blogstarta (or by using the coupon code BLOGSTARTA), we get a commission and you get a discount AND free blog set up

OK, how do I get this blog set up done?

When you buy hosting, make sure you use the coupon code BLOGSTARTA. After you have signed up with the hosting company, you will receive a set of emails from them. Forward those email to We will set up the blog for you for free.

That was sweet! But I keep hearing that you can make all this money through blogging, what’s with that? Can I make money through blogging?

Yes, you can. Just sign up for our FREE course on how to make money with blogging. Good luck and spend wisely now 🙂

I have a few more NSFAQs. What do I do?

Email me at mmk [at] blogstarta [dot] com. Or hit up Good luck and God bless!

If you are ready, sign up for hosting (Click Here Now to be taken to the HostGator website)