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Author: momekh

What a PhD says about blogging

This saying just doesn’t apply to a golfer’s life obviously (what? golfers have a life?). This applies to a blogger’s life, to an entrepreneur’s life, to yours and mine. I have highlighted the relevant text. I am convinced that it can not be said in a better way. So I will leave it at that. So yeah, go, start with the relationship in mind. And end there as well. Go, relate. 🙂 — Screenshot taken with TechSmith’s SnagIt, from the wonderfully designed website of Jim Sheard’s book Beyond The Score. I have not read the book though, but I do play golf sometimes. I suck at it....

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6,713 resources on blog SEO

Why are you reading this? You are looking for 6,713 resources to ‘get a solid grasp’ on the all-too-important SEO, aren’t you? You are also reading this to confirm that there is a problem with information. Yes, you already know the problem with information. It is information overload. So much of noise out there on any given topic that it is hard to get to any meaningful result out there. And it’s a trap I tell you, a freakin’ trap. Here’s how the trap works: you tell yourself, “I will learn and do whatever it takes to succeed at this,” and then you hit up Google and that’s when you go down this super-slippery slope of information overload. “But I am learning about blog SEO,” you say. But it was not about learning only, now was it? A Classic Example There is just too much shit out there for you to grasp. I was just going throught Neil Patel’s post on SEO. The post is called The SEO’s Handbook – 53 Resources For First Time SEOs. Yes, 53. Are you kidding me? You expect me to go through the 53 resources to implement SEO on my blog or website? Yes. And herein lies the problem. Neil Patel did a favor to us all and stopped at 53. There are more resources out there, and you need to know them to...

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How to treat your blog as a business

Artists make art, not money. Only business makes money. Make money with your blog, that’s what it is all about, isn’t it? Make money blogging, earn in your sleep, have an email list instead of an ATM; one email and BOOM! Money explodes into your bank account. The dream, I am happy to report, is alive and well, and more and more people are buying in: earn money and live the “Internet Lifestyle”. This represents an attitude almost, that it is just a matter of starting a blog, and you’d be done, with exploding bank accounts and everything. That is not how it works though. Yours truly is an entrepreneur, and have numerous enterprises that are, by God’s Grace, in the green. Most of them are offline. Distribution, agriculture and marketing. I hear the same attitude towards ‘starting your own business’ i.e. you just need to have your own business and money will come in like Niagara Falls (or Victoria Falls, depending on which side of the equator you studied geography). But that is not how it works, man! A business is a lot more than a business card, an office space and an expensive suit. In fact, all my enterprises do not have an office space (there is an office address though!), I wear suits only for weddings, (ha!) and I work sometimes less than 4 hours a...

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Must-have plugins for your blog business

Following is a highly-scrutinized list of plugins that I use on pretty much any blog that I set up. I have given the reasons as to why I use these plugins and some tips on how to effectively use them. From time-to-time, this list grows 🙂 All in One SEO Enough said. Wp Captcha Free (Download for FREE) Use it to fight spam, and win! Definitely an underrated plugin, but one of the most effective ones I have used. I really do not know exactly HOW it does what it does, and I don’t want to know (I love abstraction sometimes). One of my blogs used to get 35 to 40 “Please moderate…” requests a day, and when I finally installed this plugin, the daily spam count dropped to… ZERO! Now I install it on every blog that I install. Highly recommended. Easy Contact (Download for FREE) The simplest method to add a ‘contact’ page on to your blog. Some people recommend CForms, but they do that probably because they have not tried out Easy Contact. It is easy. Duh! Subscribe to Comments Reloaded (Download for FREE) Whenever someone leaves a comment on your blog, you always focus on the comment. That’s missing the point. Blogging is not ABOUT COMMENTS people, it is about INTERACTION! Remember that. To encourage interaction, instead of just one-off comments, always use this wonderful...

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I owe dinner to these 5 bloggers

My first ‘actionable item’ for starting any project – online or offline – is to find a teacher. Online business and blogging is no different. Here is a very selective list of bloggers that are teaching you for free what took them time and money to learn. I respect them for what they are doing and I pay attention to what they are saying. Goes without saying, I end up learning way faster. In no particular order, here are the folks who are making it big out there, and telling you about it. I owe them dinner because they have given me a lot more than what I gave them. If you want to learn more about blogging, online marketing and business and general goodness, I highly recommend the following: Pat Flynn Blog name: Smart Passive Income with Pat Flynn What is the blog about? Pat talks about ways to earn passive income, strictly via online methods. Why did this blog make the list? I don’t even remember how I stumbled onto Pat’s blog, but I was glad I did. The thing that got my attention was his straight-up honesty that no, he is not a “millionaire guru”, just a guy who has decided to earn his living from online ventures. And then he goes ahead and lays it all out, and his monthly income reports are a charm...

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