OK, let’s see now…

The hard-sales guys would have me write things like “once in a life time offer” and “affiliate marketing will make you money in your sleep” and “have your dream lifestyle with affiliate marketing” and what not.

I mean, seriously, this kind of talk does work. But it sounds so, you know, IN YOUR FACE. A supposedly well-written sales letter starts with telling you that “you are about to miss an opportunity of a lifetime” if you do not “buy now” or some other hyped up stuff like that. By that definition, this, I am afraid is not a sales letter. There is no once in a lifetime opportunity that you are about to miss, and I am not selling you anything here to begin with.

So what the hell is this?

Affiliate Marketing is a business. And it should be treated as such. You see, I am an entrepreneur. I run varied enterprises, MOST of them OFFLINE i.e. they have nothing to do with the Internet and ‘get rich in your sleep’ kind of deals. They are ‘proper’ enterprises in the sense that they have ACTUAL PEOPLE working in them and on them. I have in fact only recently experimented with earning strictly from online sources. I am sorry to report, that I did not become a millionaire in my sleep and I did not become one while awake. But I did earn. And I did learn.

The following report cuts through the noise and lays it out like it is. The report is free. Why free? Well, because I believe a business’s core function is to ‘solve a problem’. Do I intend to make money off of this report in the future? OF COURSE! What’s the catch? None at all! You get this report for FREE, no strings attached. What I am trying to do here is, like I said, UNHYPE the “make money online industry” (yes, it is an ‘industry’ and no, UNHYPE is still not a word).

Here’s what the Affiliate Marketing 101 will teach you:

  • The reality behind the ‘get rich quick’ thing (in all honesty, there IS such a thing, but not in the way you’d think)
  • Affiliate Marketing defined, and how it is being carried out on the Internet
  • How YOU can TRY OUT affiliate marketing by making your FIRST 100 DOLLARS online, and most importantly, the QUICKEST METHOD I personally used to make 500 US bucks (the whole method is EXPLAINED!)

Really, the true value, I think is in the last point, where I tell you the exact techniques I used to generate this amount. Like I said, this report/blueprint/PDF document/thing is aimed at demystifying the whole ‘online earning’ thing.

How you can get hold of this

The Blogstarta Affiliate Marketing 101 is available, for free. All you have to do is enter your email, your name and you will be emailed the link to download the blueprint. It is a PDF document, so you’d need the Adobe Acrobat Reader to go through the report (download the Reader here).

See you on the other side,

This is Momekh, signing off.

God bless and good luck.