About Blogstarta

Blogstarta is for bloggers. That should be a bit obvious from the name itself. Let’s break it down:

Blogstarta is for you if you are interested in blogging, selling information online, Internet Marketing, Entrepreneurship and living Life Etc (Life 2.0 anyone?).

You will find:

  • Complete A to Z of ‘how to blog’ for people who are new to blogging and would want to know the best way to start a blog.
  • How to use your blog as a medium for selling more of whatever you are selling.
  • How to use your blog as the business itself!
  • How to use your blog to sell other people’s products (affiliate marketing)

The topics are presented using all forms of media such as podcasts and videos. Different techniques that are used on this blog will also be detailed to you so you as a blogger and an online entrepreneur, can use the information to present your ideas better. Hopefully.

Who is Momekh?

Hello and Peace! I am Momekh and I am the writer (of most of the posts) behind Blogstarta.

I am an entrepreneur from Lahore and currently run offline and online enterprises, by God’s Grace. I have been blogging since the time John C Dvorak called blogging the best thing since CD ROM (he really did!). I have been interviewed by WIRED and BBC with respect to blogging, and my posts have seen the light at The Huffington Post. I love the medium for its ease of use and straight up usability when it comes to spreading ideas.

Momekh Group of Companies?

I have this cousin, who had been taunting me since my college days, you see. There I was, dreaming while awake all the time, laying out my plans of world domination while pursuing my under-grad. My cousin would tell me to ‘get a job’ and stop trying to be like Richard Branson.

While still in college, I started making websites. That was my ‘business’. I was the CEO, the accounting clerk, the salesman and the ‘in-house development team‘. Later, I started a small farming operation as well. I felt amused at the reaction people would give when I would try to explain to them the kind of things I did to earn a living, by God’s Grace (I still find their silent glint in their eyes quite amusing indeed).

Nonetheless, claiming ‘restlessness’, I have tried (and sometimes succeeded and sometimes failed) at way too many enterprises to count them all here. My cousin’s taunts are not as caustic as they used to be, but still he sometimes asks, “so, how is your Momekh Group of Companies coming along?”. I sometimes feel he now asks with the most serious of intents, him working at a bank :D.

Now these ‘Group of Companies’ include a farming operation, a soon-to-be-operational dairy farm, God willing, a milk distribution enterprise (my own brand), a family entertainment and home delivery enterprise and the oldest out of them all, a hosting company. (One of these days, I will put up the logos here and testimonials and references…you know, my very own ‘brag wall’ so to speak).

So yeah, it is now a group of companies, I guess.

BLOGSTARTA is my journey into the world of earning from blogging and online/affiliate marketing. It has been rewarding so far, which is a good enough sign, by God’s Grace.

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If you STILL want to know more about me, my personal blog is at http://blog.momekh.com/

Peace. Out.