Why are you reading this? You are looking for 6,713 resources to ‘get a solid grasp’ on the all-too-important SEO, aren’t you?

You are also reading this to confirm that there is a problem with information. Yes, you already know the problem with information. It is information overload. So much of noise out there on any given topic that it is hard to get to any meaningful result out there. And it’s a trap I tell you, a freakin’ trap. Here’s how the trap works: you tell yourself, “I will learn and do whatever it takes to succeed at this,” and then you hit up Google and that’s when you go down this super-slippery slope of information overload. “But I am learning about blog SEO,” you say. But it was not about learning only, now was it?

A Classic Example

There is just too much shit out there for you to grasp. I was just going throught Neil Patel’s post on SEO.

Blog SEO

The post is called The SEO’s Handbook – 53 Resources For First Time SEOs. Yes, 53. Are you kidding me? You expect me to go through the 53 resources to implement SEO on my blog or website?


And herein lies the problem. Neil Patel did a favor to us all and stopped at 53. There are more resources out there, and you need to know them to be an expert at SEO. But you should not be an expert in SEO, hello? Are you trying to get a job as an SEO expert? Do you blog about SEO itself? No? Then  you don’t need 53 ‘starter’ resources to ‘get a grip’ on SEO.

How much information is good enough?

One of the myths about success in business – in any business – is that you need to know your business inside out. That’s just wrong, man. You need to FIND the core of your business, and outsource everything else. Stop frowning at the word ‘outsource’ for a second; by outsource I mean “don’t do it yourself”. You, as a business owner (and blog is as good a business as any other), need to focus on what’s important. This ‘finding of the core’ is given many names; it is sometimes called ‘do what you love’, or ‘only do what you are passionate about’ etc etc.

If you love SEO (I don’t know why you would!), then 53 resources is already a small number for you. But as a blogger who is either starting out, or is trying to expand on his market etc, you don’t need soooo much  information on SEO.

But SEO IS important,” you are already saying. Yes, it is. But not important enough to work at for months on end (or even weeks). To get a fair idea what you, as a blogstarta, should know about blog SEO, read my post here on Blog SEO.

The End In Mind

“Why did you start gathering information in the first place?”

“So I can know what I am doing!” you quip.

Well, you are wrong, you half-assed quippin’ grasshopper. You started gathering information so you can put it to immediate use and take action. Get results. Make mistakes. Try one SEO tactic, watch it fail miserably, learn, and tweak, till you find the one that works for you. Learn as you go. As. You. GO. So yeah, go, do big things.

Here’s the link to Neil Patel’s post on SEO, if you want to spend the next 2 months learning about this. Good freakin’ luck, though.