In my last post, I tried to categorize blogging into two generic categories. To be more specific, I tried to categorize two ways to make money using blogs.

That lead me to further think and try to come up with something that is more useful, something that we as bloggers can use to identify our blogs.

Why identify our blogs? Well, so you can work on them with respect to their type. This will lead to greater focus, less of the useless stuff and will help you win the Grand Prix (well, OK, not the GP but it will sure as heck sharpen your skills at pruning the useless activities).

Now, onto the three types of blogs:

  1. Money Making Blogs
  2. A Blog For Your Business
  3. A Blog As Your Business

Let’s see how each of these are different, and more importantly, what ‘high productivity’ activity can you do in each.

Money Making Blogs

Note please, all 3 types of blogs have the potential of making you money. But these Money Making Blogs have ‘make money’ as their core objective. It is not spreading brand awareness, it is not upholding the principles of human race, it is simply to make money. You set up blogs in areas where there is money. These are relatively smaller sites, that you set up, after identifying your niche. These blogs typically will have less content and will focus on highly specialized niches. For example, you will find blogs dedicated to single products rather than a category of products.

The highest productivity activity (let’s call it HPA because that makes it look cool – and easy) for Money Making Blogs is to have lots of them. A single money making blog will probably not get you upwards of 50 to 100 USD per month. But there are people who own thousands of them. No, that is not a superlative, I do mean ‘thousands of blog that earn a measly 10 to 20 bucks a month’. Yup, you too are good at maths, and that is around 10 to 20 thousand dollars per month. But these are typically larger operations, with guys churning out blogs in the hundreds. Quality score is way low, but these Money Making Blogs do exactly that. They make you money. And nothing else.

You can’t really brag about them, lest someone steals your stupid niche. And it quickly becomes monotonous to create blog after blog, in the same format. You do it only because you have your HPA set up as ‘create more blogs’. This is perfect if you have people you can hire and train them to do this for you.

A Blog For Your Business

My friend recently quit his job (read: he was laid off) and started his own event management company. That is cool, being self employed. But business is business, and you have to have your basics right. And you need to pay to get those basics right. Things like stationery items must be at your disposal (tip: only get your business cards and envelopes printed, and use your color printer to print out letterheads on-the-go, you’ll thank me later). You would also need a website. Or even better, a blog.

This is the type of blog that will have ‘latest news’ as their main category. If the CEO/Owner of the company is really down with it, he/she can start writing day-to-day happenings at the office on to the blog. These types of blogs are typically not-so-well-known but are a great way to connect with customers. These blogs are also very easy to maintain and a lot of customers expect a blog on your website. It is A OK if that blog is really a news bulletin, but it should be updated frequently.

The HPA for this type of blog is to post an update on it through your mobile phone, so it is easier for you keep your business blog fresh with timely news.

Blog As A Business

This is the holy grail of blogging. A blog that is the business itself. Again, I would give examples of people like Shoemoney and John Chow and Yaro Starak. These guys have blogs that are the business. They may or may not sell products, but all ‘money making’ is done through the medium of their blog – the online traffic that they have worked so hard to capture and retain.

These types of blogs are usually run like magazines, with sometimes a lot of people contributing towards the content.

Blogs that really are not blogs (the not-so-personal types of blogs) can also fall into this category.

The HPA on this type of blog is to keep reminding yourself that give first, get later. Give away great content, give away great advice, to build an audience – then based on your audience and their feedback, you can ‘make’ a product that is pretty much already-sold. Or you can sell advertising. But as long as you have traffic coming in, you are a success.