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Month: October 2010

Myths about blogging success, busted!

There are some myths that you have probably heard or will hear when you try to get your blog up and running. These are presented as irrefutable facts of doing business, of making money via blogs or “that’s how it is” type of statements. But they are either what I like to call ‘legacy truths’ or just plain misinformation. In my experience, these myths are: The Design of a Website Should be AWESOME! Here’s the justification: if it looks beautiful then it must represent a well thought-out blog/business. I agree! Design of a blog should be awesome. But design is overrated and not prioritized properly. It is like saying, ‘it is better to live in a mansion than an apartment’. A mansion costs more, hello? And it is overkill. It does not justify its presence if all you need to do is house one person. Same is with design. If you are on a budget, design should NOT come before functionality. Design should come after more important elements of your blog such as, your customer contact center, or email marketing systems. These systems are way more BENEFICIAL to your blog than a GOOD LOOKING design. Design is also very subjective. I may find one design to be out-of-this-world and you may find it to be average. Put another way, you typically find it hard to measure how good or...

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Just Starting – how to blog

I can go all Martin Luther on you and tell you how you do have a dream, that needs fulfillment and how the ‘Internet Lifestyle’ can make it happen for you. But I won’t fool you. You already know that ordinary people take ordinary steps and become extraordinary. Action is the number one tool in their arsenal that adds that ‘extra’ to the ‘ordinary’. You are here because you want to start a blog, to earn a healthy, clean income that can support you fully (or partially, depending on your lifestyle plan). This will explain the steps you’d need to take to make it happen online. These things are tried and tested, and the possibilities of earning anywhere between 500 to 50,000 dollars per month lie within these steps. Pay attention now, it gets interesting. Here’s how ‘online success’ with blogs work: Now there are a lot of ways of doing each of these steps. That is where ‘analysis paralysis’ kicks in, and you are left jumping from one method to the next. This might as well be the NUMBER ONE REASON most online entrepreneurs fail; too many options and no clarity. No strategy. And without strategy, your action is usually wasted. Now you have the strategy to start. With the above number of steps, you can have a clearer focus and will be able to do each step...

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