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Month: August 2010

The Blogstarta Experiment

Some people like to really get involved in their work, get to know what they are working on, really understand it and then tweak the product or service they are selling. They are real businessmen who make large amounts of money in what they do. They enjoy getting ‘into the business’, running and knowing every aspect of their operation. I am not one of those people. I like distance. I don’t like the idea that my work owns me. As far as I am concerned, a business is not ‘complete’ if it can not function without me. I should be redundant, easily replaceable. I should not be running the damn show, just owning it. Online marketing and blogging has been one such field of interest that has eluded me since like ever. By God’s Grace, I have more than one income streams so the ‘desperation’ is not there. But I do detect a ‘Will’ there somewhere, and as you all know that “where there’s a will, there’s a smith.” Please note, the whole industry of internet marketing is based on the notion of a loner working from the basement of his house, making millions. It is this ‘doing it myself’ bit that has caused me much frustration. So I need to perhaps separate myself from the online business world, and then see the results. Treat it like I treat...

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Start a blog, get a life

Life is hard. It never lets you know what you’re gonna get. But there you are, alive and hopefully kicking. You have to live it, this life. Might as well get used to it. So you try. You fail. Your try harder. Fail harder. And then you succeed. Only to fail a couple of times more. The successes are the punctuation of life. The don’t come often, but come they must, to make sense of it all. And they do. If you keep at it. I am guilty of philosophizing life. Get over it, so are you. Everything has meaning, only if you have the right dictionary. You need to get a life to live one. Streamline it. Compartmentalize and categorize it. Tag it even. Everyone should have a blog. Open to all. Not to write the most personal of thoughts, no. But to write to open channels of communications. To read, to see, to learn. Hopefully. Writing is therapeutic, they say. They are sometimes...

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3 types of blogs, which one fits you?

In my last post, I tried to categorize blogging into two generic categories. To be more specific, I tried to categorize two ways to make money using blogs. That lead me to further think and try to come up with something that is more useful, something that we as bloggers can use to identify our blogs. Why identify our blogs? Well, so you can work on them with respect to their type. This will lead to greater focus, less of the useless stuff and will help you win the Grand Prix (well, OK, not the GP but it will sure as heck sharpen your skills at pruning the useless activities). Now, onto the three types of blogs: Money Making Blogs A Blog For Your Business A Blog As Your Business Let’s see how each of these are different, and more importantly, what ‘high productivity’ activity can you do in each. Money Making Blogs Note please, all 3 types of blogs have the potential of making you money. But these Money Making Blogs have ‘make money’ as their core objective. It is not spreading brand awareness, it is not upholding the principles of human race, it is simply to make money. You set up blogs in areas where there is money. These are relatively smaller sites, that you set up, after identifying your niche. These blogs typically will have less...

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