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The Only Two Ways To Make Money With Blogging

There are two distinct ways of making money with blogging, and you need to decide which way is yours to try out. This is the initial and crucial decision, which will decide everything else.

The only two ways to make money with blogging are:

  1. Personal Β Blogging Style
  2. Not-so-Personal Blogging Style

What the hell?

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Review of Profit Instruments

I have bought Profit Instruments (a course by Ritoban Chakarwati). And have used it through and through. This, ladies and gentlemen, is my review. πŸ™‚

First off, I think the course is a bit high priced for the kind of value it delivers.

And here’s the second part, it delivers some great value.

The beauty lies in its simplicity. I can tell you what the course tells you in perhaps a few, well though-out lines. But that information will be quite valuable to you. And the amount I paid Ritoban to get access to the Profit Instruments course, I have already made that back. It has yet to make me a thousand bucks, but I am almost half way there. And that’s with almost 2 months or so into the game.

Should you, as a potential ‘earner’, buy it?

I will break it down for you in the coming days… stay tuned (you can subscribe to this blog using the form on your left – the one with the blue background πŸ™‚ )

Talk to you soon,

God bless.

My first podcast. Ever.

One Samson Go Mic, the free Audacity software and some music loops from later, I have my first ever podcast up and running. πŸ™‚

Upon checking it out on my blog, there seems to be a problem with the theme that displays the embed code on the front page. But the post page of the blog has the player coming up nicely.

Learning from the best…

4 running enterprises, two in the making, one in the pipeline. I am an entrepreneur, almost by habit.

I get to do whatever I want because I have all the time in the world. For example, the 4 hour work week by Tim Ferris did not teach me anything new. I have a lot of time on my hands, almost by default.

I buy nice things, but not expensive things, usually because they are expensive. Duuh! I am not rich, also almost by habit. But I make more than most, by God’s Grace.

And I am happy, by God’s Grace.

I do not believe there is a formula for success (normally, and somewhat crookedly defined as having making a lot of money). But I do believe that success, naah, in fact, the world belongs to the bold and not to the smart. I am too smart for my own good. Heh.

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Google Images gets a revamp

Google will now display images results in a different way, and WTH!? it look uglier. But maybe research has shown it works. Google is big on testing and results and tweaks and what have you. That’s why they get to be so good. More at Google Blog here

Blogging on a ‘famous’ topic? Read this…

I was asked a question, via email, where the friend told me how serious he was about blogging. He told me how he has already selected the niche (because he knew he had some solid corporate experience in that ‘corporate’ niche) and how he was now confused on how to go about blogging on his topic. The important bit of his question was:

The difficulty I’m facing at this moment is what topics to choose to write despite the fact that they are thousands of websites already available? Can you please guide me how and what should be my approach step by step. These days I have time to develop my online business…

First, he has one thing going for him Continue reading

Blogstarta, the newness

I have a few products, I know a few things and I have been blogging since blogging began.
It is about time I get myself a blog like Blogstarta. πŸ™‚

More goodness, God willing, coming soon.
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What’s with John Reese

John Reese, as far I know, is not a blogger. But he is definitely one of the ‘main men’ in the make money online niche. Heck, he is the one who set the world’s first on earning I don’t know, million dollars worth of sales in 24 hours when he launched his product. He, as he calls it, lives the American Dream, owns the big house, has the 5 cars and what have you.

In his recent email, the guy has ‘given it all away’, gone minimalist and gone off to travel the world. OK, I want you to take this all in for a moment now, the guy has sold his cars, his rolex collection and ‘all that’ and his total possessions can now be fit in a bag. A rucksack type bag.

He still has his businesses so it is not that he has gone crazy, but what he has done here, is that he has gone a bit higher.

Most of us look for benchmarks, ideals, heroes to ‘look up to’ and to perhaps ‘live in their shoes’. I wonder what inspired Mr Reese to make this jump, but I do hope that all goes well for him.

The reason I write this, on Blogstarta, is blogging is a lot like ‘jumping into the unknown’. How many of us can actually sell away all their personal possessions? That’s a big jump right? So how many can commit to writing a blog that has purpose? The thing that joins you with people like Reese is that you decide to ‘jump’.

Happy jumpin’

Blogging to the bank?

This question gets thrown around a lot, “how do I make money with blogging?”. Now, make no mistake, this question is asked with the intention of getting an answer, and it is not like the question, “how do I make money by selling milk?” or something like that. Selling milk, or any other business for that matter, people realize is not for them, so they are thinking, “Blogging, yeah, that is new, maybe I can make money from that”. They are wrong and they are right.

They are right when they say that blogging is new and a lot of people do not understand it. They are wrong when they think that it is different than any other business out there. In fact, that in itself is a wrong concept – blogging itself is not a ‘business’, it is a medium.

Blogging can make you a lot of money. Just like selling milk. πŸ™‚

Hello world!

It has been a long journey. Thankfully, it is never about the destination. That would have sucked.