What is Blogstarta? It is a platform and a community that provides you everything you need to become a successful independent publisher. Everything you need, period.

With the training and support modules, you can sell your own products online, build and serve a community around your ideas and services and do the kind of work that you enjoy.

No IT guy required

You can manage your complete online presence – may it be 5 webpages or 5,000 – if you know how to write a document in a word processor.

Do you think you need to be a IT nerd to “run your own website”? Those times have long gone, and once you will be using Blogstarta to manage your website, you will see how easy it is. And hey, you can¬†still have the chance to impress your friends!

And if you have any question, we have 24/7 support for all members, so you don’t require an IT guy when it comes to Blogstarta.


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